Client Spotlight Time!

Meet Jake and Rachel! They were one of my June weddings of 2021! One of the first things I'll tell you about these two, is that I've worked with Rachel before! A few years ago, her older sister, Stacy, got married and I was the assistant shooter for her wedding! It was one of the first weddings I ever shot as a professional, and it holds a special place in my heart. It was so cool to work with these sisters again! Leading up to the big day, this family had faced some serious obstacles. The more I worked with them, the more I wanted to be around them! Rachel's joy and humor throughout the day was refreshing and made the shoot fun! And Jake's affection for his bride, and his desire to make her smile brought an intimacy to the photos that you can't fake. By the end of this wedding day, I adored this couple and was glad to get to celebrate with them!

Every once and a while, you get to work with someone that just refreshes your love for what you do. Jake and Rachel were this couple. Not to say that I wasn't enjoying my job at any point, but these guys just made it better! 2020 was rough. I don't even need to go into detail about how rough it was, because everyone dealt with the year 2020. Lots of things were taken away, rescheduled, moved, ruined, cancelled, or just plain and simply missed because of the lockdowns and sickness. So, when you enter back into some normalcy, it can be kinda scary. Intimidating at the very least. But for Rachel and Jake, I was back on my home turf (Working with Mont Lamm) and finally getting back into my groove. The couple was sweet and clearly in love, and I just felt at ease as I worked their wedding day. It was as if an entire year's worth of holding my breath was finally, slowly, releasing. I was allowed to do what I love again, in my favorite place, with a wonderful couple. How could I not feel happy?

The day went off without a hitch, and an adored couple was sent off with sparklers and shouts of congratulations! I went home that day excited to edit, and ready to get back into my normal.

Talk soon my friends!