Did anybody else wake up today and think

"Oh my Gosh, it's AUGUST?"

Me too. It feels like only yesterday I was prepping for my brother's graduation and looking forward to the summer ahead of us. Now, it feels like I blinked and BOOM august is here and summer is nearly over. Not to say I haven't had a wonderful summer, I really have. But it's been incredibly busy and incredibly fast. Two things that I don't really like. I've had lots of beautiful weddings, watched one of my besties get engaged (and photographed it cause duh), went on a mini vacay into the woods, enjoyed lake days, gone shopping, gotten my first pedicure, and all the while I've been editing, writing, and serving at church. Now, I'll be honest, I wouldn't want my life to be any other way. I love being busy and I love having things to look forward to. But, it feels like summer of 2022 went by so flipping fast that I barely had the chance to actually look forward!

during July and into August, I have shot several weddings and have particularly enjoyed shooting Sunset photos! I think it's safe to say that my upcoming albums for Monica & Travis, Micah & Chase, and Diana & Rory will blow everyone away! They all three asked for sunset photos and...just sayin'...we totally kicked butt! I can't show those pictures yet, because the albums aren't finished, but now you have something to look forward to! (haha)

Zac and Olga

Now THIS couple I can show you! They got extremely lucky in that during their wedding day, Summer Weather had yet to actually arrive! It rained almost all morning and cleared up just in time for us to start couples portraits. Rain on a wedding day is both a blessing and curse! It makes for beautiful, dramatic skies and you get to play with lighting and try poses you could never get away with in the sun. but, it also soaks the pretty clothes, uncurls the hair, forces inside ceremonies, and creates mud. Most of the cons of rain we got to avoid, however, Olga's hem on her dress shows the history of the day more than she probably would have preferred. i am in love with their album and I love that it reflects how much they loved each other and loved their people! They had fun with their bridal party while getting creative with poses and messing around. They made memories as the girls danced and raved while getting pretty in the morning, and the gentlemen played foosball and played with blocks. And they shared hilarity and humor during the speeches where Zac's sister roasted and relayed stories of their childhood. They were an adorable couple and I was so blessed to photograph them!

So what's next?

Well, I have 2 camps that I'll be serving at in August. One will be in this week - Kids Camp - it's a camp I've been serving at since 2017. I love being a cabin leader and admittedly pride myself on being a "super counselor". I always set aside a budget to buy my cabin knapsacks, bracelets, gum, bandanas, and other fun things. Plus, I HAVE to decorate my cabin! This year I'll get to work in a cabin with a new friend and special lady in my life and I'm super excited for it! She knows her Word and she knows how to talk to kids! then, towards the middle of the month, we have Teen Camp - STAND - a week of tent camping, swimming, hiking, worship, and teaching! I am super excited for that! I was asked to put together the night games, and I can't wait to execute my ideas! Lots of glowsticks....

I'll also be starting up a fall of senior photos and prepping for Christmas card season! Overall, I have still so much to look forward to, and even though summer is quickly coming to a close, I'm thankful and blessed for the busyness I've enjoyed so far!

Until next time friends,