To Put it simply,

We're Focused on effortless planning for You!

I believe in the beauty of simplicity!

 I won’t send you constant reminders, or bog you down with unnecessary information.

I’ll get all the details without overwhelming you in your planning process! 

Here's a Summarized look into how we do that!



“Emma is so talented and always listens to find out what is important to you and strives to achieve everything you could want in a enjoyable and engaging way. While she has great knowledge and skill, she also makes the experience, for any occasion, full of laughter and easily makes you feel comfortable and confident. She works hard on her projects and give great quality pictures as a result. Emma is full of passion for photography and people!”

I am firmly against homogenized posing!

As a victim of "one size fits all posing", I work hard to research and be attentive to the couples I work with. Size, Age, and even Complexion are all things I work to pay attention to and create photos that capture you in your best lighting! I will never edit-away what makes you YOU. Rather, I believe in the power of posing and the wonders of lighting to not only ensure you don't look like a stranger in your wedding photos, but to also see to it that you don't look like an awkward wreck! I check with you as we shoot, showing you glimpses of the posing so you can know what you look like and let me know if you want it changed. We all have insecurities, but rather than focus all our attention on those insecurities on your special day, I work with you to know A) If they exist B) What you want to do about it and C)Assure you that I know how to make you look your best!

So, truly, no matter what you look like or who you are - I work for YOU not for the masses.

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