It All Started with a Boy and his vision,

When Andrew first contacted me for his senior pictures, I'm not sure I could've prepared for how creatively challenging and fun this shoot was going to be. Once we decided the basics, he started talking to me about what he wanted for his photos. Having played piano as a self-taught musician since he was a little boy, He expressed his desire to showcase his passion by playing Piano on the lake. As he described his session, I pictured the style and coloring, the contrast and crisp lines, the melody played and the crowd gathered to listen. I was ecstatic for this session!

I Gotta say, it was really cool listening to Andrew as he began to play. I've never worked with someone who had such a distinct vision as Andrew. He had his plan sorted and ready, and trusted me to capture his vision.

It was truly one of my favorite shoots of the year!

A Tale to Share...

Okay, so how is a photo like this accomplished? With a team of professionals on stand-by waiting for my instruction? Nah, too busy. How about with a few well placed lights and a moving team? Nope.

Well? How?!

With dedicated parents, a willing brother, a best friend, a kind stranger or two, and a Lyndee. Andrew's Family were the true MVPs of this session. Without them, the piano never would've left the trailer. It took about an hour to get the piano rolled from the trailer, down the hill, and to the dock. I was seriously thankful for their efforts and impressed by their focus. Then, once the first location had been used to it's fullest, it was time to move the piano once more. And just as before, they brought it all the way back and set it up to be safely to make the drive to the park.

Then came the final location for this shoot.... The Park. Now, normally, the park doesn't come with such daunting conceptions. However, on this particular day, the park was not simply the park. It was an old land filled with lords, ladies, princesses, and odd goblin clowns who like to chase short photographers., or Live Action Role Playing, is the act of... well, acting. A bunch of nerdy friends gather together to act out battle scenes, parties, DnD scenarios etc. It can be quite fun. Unfortunately, though, "larpers" do not share the space well. I wouldn't have even mentioned that they were there if it weren't for the Goblin-Clown-Man that I mentioned before.

It started with the tree. Andrew had location scouted this park and had chosen a tree which he thought was perfectly golden in color and matched his specific vision. And, it just so happened, that the "larpers" were all set up by this tree. So, I decided it was my duty to ensure he got his photo with the tree, pulled up my big-girl jeans, and walked Andrew over to the tree to take his photo. A few minutes in, I noticed Andrew kept looking up, slightly behind me and to the left. And, being the photographer and wanting eye-contact with the camera , I decided to turn and see what he was distracted with. Well, to my surprise, I turned around to see.... The Goblin-Clown-Man. Now, I am a jumpy girl. I scare easily, I startle even better, and my friends have often used this to their advantage. But, would you believe I didn't react? Apparently being in "Professional Mode" was all I needed to simply turn, widen my eyes in surprise, and ask the man why he was standing so close. I then offered to take his photo, to which he, uh, well...he made a sound and walked away. I thought that was the end. However, when we went to walk over to where the Piano was being set, Goblin-clown decided to try his revenge and chased me. This time, I was not deep enough into "Professional Mode". I ran. Not far, and not terribly fearful, but when a Goblin-Clown-Man chases you: You Run.

So, then I guess he decided he had gone too far, and he began to run in the other direction and left me be.

We resumed the session, and I recovered. Haha, it was super weird, but I am glad for the story.

And thus, I end my tales from the Andrew Flammini, Class of 2022 Senior Session.

Until next time,