I've known Haley since she was in 5th grade.

She sported brightly colored, mismatched socks, lots of elastic headbands, side ponytails, and the awkward confidence that only ever shines through in little girls. She wanted to be a country singer, and dreamed of doing anything she set her mind to. While some of those dreams may have changed, as she has grown, I have seen her do nothing but excel at the things she aspires to. I am so proud of her. Kind and considerate, Haley always looks to see the cute and endearing parts of someone. All the while, endearing herself to those around her. She is beautiful in spirit and in charm, and I was so honored to take her photos. Scroll down for another one of my "Tales" for this session.

Okay, so here's the story.

Haley's senior photos were shot on the first real autumn day of the year, so, naturally, it was cold. We shot in Chewelah by the lovely creek in their city park, the water was fridged and I needed something to help Haley ease into her shoot. So, we decided to get in the water! My oh my, I don't think my feet have ever hurt so much due to cold! But, Haley? Nah! She was a trooper! If I said, "Kneel in the water", she risked red and bitter cold knees for the shot. If I said, "splash and play in the water and pretend I'm not here." she splashed and played and even danced in the creek. After we got out of the water, her mom helped us dry our frozen toes and we got back to shooting.

It's not the craziest story I've ever had to tell, but it was such a fun and "out there" experience, that it really endeared me to this shoot and this young lady in a whole new way. Thanks for the story, Haley!

Okay, one more thought.

We also shot some photos as the sun began to set in the lovely town with crisp wind, fast cars, yellow painted lines, and brick walls..... and I just gotta show ya!