Deer Park Royalty and Portfolio "Fun"

You know, when I looked forward to my final quarter at SFCC, I'm not sure I ever could've predicted my current reality. With more video work than I have ever done in my life, Location shoots with lighting that gets blown over by the wind, and the constant thought of "I really need to edit my portfolio images", it's a miracle I'm still standing. Did I mention I'm also still doing paid photoshoots and work too? But, I didn't write this to complain, only to say that I'm not as far along as I want to be in my portfolio development. I've got all my images, with a few additions from this last two weeks, but I have yet to really sit down and focus on making them perfect.

This shoot that I did with Miss Kaity Wacker, is one of the "new additions" to my portfolio. Kaity was a joy to work with and she made this difficult shoot easier. Her graceful and willowy poses really made this shoot. No matter what the goal for the photo was, she rose to the occasion. With wind, rain, bright sunlight, and a thunderstorm in between, she really showed her professionalism and ability to carry on. I don't think I've ever been so thankful for a committed team. My assistant for the day spent most of her time holding on to lights and fluffing the dress. Throwing in pose ideas and adding her own jokes to ease the tension caused by the weather, my assistant was my rockstar. Overall, I'm so glad we did this shoot, and I'm so excited to add some of these beautiful pictures to my first ever portfolio!