Welcome to FINALS

I say that like I'm excited. I am not. Ha!

No but really, I am so close to the end! So much rides on what I do this week, it's kinda crazy. I have to finish the finals edits for my location portfolio assignment (which I'm actually very excited for), create a leave-behind, and finish my behind the scenes video for Location 2. In portfolio...um...I have a lot ;-) It's all final bits and pieces like portfolio reviews, this blog post, and a biographic video. WOOOO. And in my two film/video workshop classes, I have my final films. One of which, a fictional comedy scene that I wrote myself, will be filmed this afternoon! I am so excited, ready, overwhelmed, and joyous about this next week! It's a lot, but I'm not worried about finishing. Nah...I'm worried about finishing well!

Remember how I said I was a Relationship Photographer? Well, that doesn't come from nowhere. I've often said to my friends that Nostalgia is my drug of choice, and photography has always held a special place in my heart because of this. I love that photography allows us to remember everything. One picture can throw us back in time. I find an old, very blurry, photo. I took it because they all accidentally wore red shirts, and I thought it was funny. At the mere glimpse of this photo, however, I remember everything about that moment and that day and suddenly I can tell the story to anyone who will listen. Whether that story is interesting or not, it's mine and even though I hadn't held it in years, this photo allowed me to have it once more. That's why I love what I do. That's why I love nostalgia. And that is why I decided to take a pause from homework this weekend, and I made something special. I have taken photos and videos of EVERYTHING since starting College. Photo projects, walking on campus, class itself, Sunday church service, youth group, lake days, vacations, games nights, drivin' around, zoom calls. All of it. I went through, found it all, sorted it, and chose my favorites. Well, as it would turn out, I had over 400 favorites. Oops. I put it all in premier pro, and I went to work. And when I was finished, I had 4 minutes and 17 seconds of pure serotonin, memories, and my favorite childhood song! So, yeah, I've got homework and I'm ready to work my butt of this week, but I also am preparing to say goodbye. Preparing to enter into the work force full time, to say goodbye to Suzanne as she moves away, to thank my professors, and to hug my friends a little tighter. I am preparing for the end while looking to my future. There were many times where I thought "I'm done. I wanna drop and never look back." or "maybe I should just wait until this pandemic is over" or "I've learned so much already, I'm sure I could just start from here an figure it out. I am just so tired." I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T LISTEN TO MYSELF. Rather, I spoke out my worries, insecurities, and my wants. I received help. I was given grace. I was hugged and loved on. I was reminded of who I am and what I can accomplish if I simply try. And here I am, jamming out to ABBA's greatest hits as I write my final *required* blog post! I stuck through it, I did it. And in exactly 11 days, 3 hours, and 2 minutes I will hear them call my name in recognition of it all! I can look at my parents, friends, and other family and say "Hey! Look at me! All Edumacated and stuff!"

But, until then, I have a fun review video and a whole lotta homework to fill my time! Ha!

Until next week my friends,


You can see my Nostalgia Video by clicking the image link below!