Hello there! I'm Emma!

I have been taking pictures for a little over 10 years, and I've been a professional since 2015, earning my photography degree in 2021. When asked what kind of photographer I am, my first response is: I am a relationship photographer! No matter what relationship you bring, I will capture the moments that matter most!

As far as the more personal and fun facts about me:

I collect Pop Funko Figures, mugs, sweaters and Christmas decorations. My favorite is either Yellow or Lavender! Also, I am five foot even, and I like to make fun of it!

I love working with kids, it's the best kind of photographic challenge! Not a perfectionist in the slightest, but I love working with details. I have been told I am funny, but I'm not sure that's true.

I have one younger brother, but many "adopted" siblings.

And finally, Whether it's a wedding, graduation, an anniversary, engagement, a new baby, or just pictures for Grandma: documenting Relationship is always my main goal.

Meet Joshua!

Joshua is my Second Shooter. He specializes in landscapes and object photography. He keeps me on track, and carries my ladder because I'm too short to carry it with dignity.

I've known Josh for a little over seven years, after meeting him in a "Photography Basics" class in middle school. We've worked side-by-side in our high school Dance Team, as employees for Mont Lamm Events, and as novice baristas.

Before working together, I greatly respected and admired Joshua's work as a photographer. When my business was only an idea, I knew I wanted to work with him. And through some minor miracle, he was available for work!

Joshua is a skilled jeweler and candle maker, he reupholsters furniture in his free time, and his favorite color is orange. He has two beautiful sisters, one older and one younger. He is super sassy and fun to work with, and he's dedicated to capturing the sweetest little details of your day!

We'd LOVE to meet you too!

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