Hello there! I'm Emma!

I have been taking pictures since I was a little girl, playing with a hot pink point-and-shoot, taking pictures of my friends and my little brother. However, I've been a professional since 2015, earning my photography degree in 2021. I grew up dreaming of becoming a wedding photographer, and in 2013 I started that process. When asked why "Pop of Pure"? I answer with this: I chose the name Pop of Pure because I want to capture the absolute purity of who you are, where you are, and what you look like. The Pop comes from my Bubbly Personality! I work with my clients to help them feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident in the photos I take. I believe that to best capture who someone truly is, I have to take time to get to know them. It's the beauty of simplicity, and I aspire to show off the wonderful life that stands in front of my lens, whoever that life may belong to.

As for the more FUN side of me, here are some things you should know! ;-)

I collect Pop Funko Figures, mugs, sweaters and Christmas decorations. My favorite color is what I like to call "Rubber Ducky Yellow". And I am five foot exactly and proud of it!

I love playing video games, bike rides, and I especially love to swim! Not a perfectionist in the slightest, but I do love looking for the small things. I have been told I am funny, but I'm not sure that's true. I Love Jesus, and am an active member in my church, in Worship as well as Children's and Teen Ministry.

And finally, Whether it's a wedding, graduation, an anniversary, engagement, a new baby, or just pictures for Grandma: documenting the purity of Relationship is always my main goal.

Emma Siemen

David Stutes, HOL Photo and Video - Second Photographer Extraordinaire!

Hi, I'm David!

I grew up on a farm and have always had a love for the outdoors. I started taking pictures at a young age just trying to capture any simple thing that I thought was cool or beautiful to look at, and that kinda transitioned into landscape photography, which then turned into portraits, and later on weddings!

Photography is just one of my creative outlets. I also enjoy videography and just being creative in every day life! 

A couple fun facts about me:

- I love Jesus 

- I am a coffee connoisseur

- I really enjoy fitness and learning how to eat healthy

- Music is one of my passions. I play drums, piano, guitar, and I sing as well.  

- my favorite color is ocean blue

- I am 6'4" and an 1/8 to be exact

Most importantly, I will help ensure that we capture the most impactful and special moments of your Wedding Day and document them for you to enjoy for years to come!

David Stutes

Meet our Newest Addition to the Team!

Aubrey is our shadow! Everything we do, she records. She is responsible for capturing all our behind the scenes footage, goofy moments, and backstage reality of the wedding day! She is also in training to learn about the ins and outs of wedding photography with first hand experience! She is such a hard worker, kind, patient, and always willing to offer a creative idea!
Joining our team in May of 2023, she's become a valuable asset to me and my content creation!

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